The Peoples Bank ATM/Check Card looks like a credit card, works like a check. The transactions are deducted from your Peoples Bank checking account. There is no credit involved and there are no annual fees. The Peoples Bank ATM/Check Card is the ideal financial tool for today’s busy lifestyle.

To make purchases with your Peoples Bank ATM/Check Card simply visit any of the 12 million merchant locations around the world that accept MasterCard® and present your card.

To use your Peoples Bank ATM/Check Card at an ATM, just use your card as you would use any conventional ATM card. Insert your ATM/Check card, enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and follow the step-by-step instructions displayed on the screen.

As an update to the Shazam SecureCode, our cardholders will be prompted to register again the next time they make a purchase at a participating SecureCode merchant or you may visit the new registration website below.

SecureCode Registration

It’s that simple to access cash, make deposits, transfer between accounts, etc.

Your Peoples Bank ATM/Check Card provides easy bookkeeping as these transactions will appear on your monthly statement. Be sure to save your receipts from your ATM and purchase transactions and enter the amounts into your checkbook.

EMV Debit Cards

For information regarding the new EMV Debit Cards please Click Here.

For questions or problems regarding your Peoples Bank ATM/Check Card, contact Adilee Phegley at 812.358.4000. Adilee offers prompt and expert service on account charges, payments, balances, and problems or questions about your Peoples Bank ATM/Check Card account.